The eight-step sexual intercourse regimen is simple

The eight-step sexual intercourse regimen is simple

The content of sexual health in ancient times is very rich.

From the perspective of the development of modern science to remove the truth and take the scientific part, it is beneficial to the husband and wife, family and life extension.

I summarized that there are 8 “points” of ancient sex, which can also be understood as 8 steps: 1.

Take static as your strength, and your heart will not be swaying.

Sexual love rests calmly and eliminates fear, confusion, and irritability.

This is the “psychological preparation” phase of sex.


First play and joy, God agrees.

The ancients clearly realized that foreplay is a kind of fun and an indispensable part of sex, which can arouse spring love and improve sexual desire.


After the kidneys, the heart is strong.

When neither party is in good shape, it should not be forced.

Men must not be self-reliant and arrogant, nor should they be forced on women.

Sexual love must have sexual impulses first, and then be implemented according to psychological impulses. This is called kidney first and heart later.


Five desires to make a deal, three to five together.

This shows that sexual foreplay requires men and women to achieve the best state, that is, men “three to” and women “five to” show the “five desires” sign.

“Three to” and “five to” refer to a state suitable for sex.

For men, the penis is fully erected (liver qi to), the penis is thick and feverish (heart qi to), and the erection is hard and durable (kidney to).

For women, including face, mouth, lips, eyebrows ruddy (heart qi to), eyelids moist, with emotions (liver qi to), bowed and silent, nasal sweat (lung qi to), snuggle to male, body snugglePeople (tempered to), the vulva is opened, and the oozing fluid overflows (kidney to).

“Five Desires” are the five ways that the man inspires the woman’s sexual desire: one is to slowly exhale and kiss, which makes the female face warm; the second is to hug and cling tightly; the third is to attract and suck each other, so that the fluid in the mouth is large and smooth;The fourth is to gently touch the sensitive area; the fifth is to hold each other tightly and shake slowly, so that the woman’s throat feels dry and swallows saliva.


After a long time, he valued peace.

Calm and calm, pumping and negotiating, not ill, not violent, soft and durable, this is the ideal state and requirement of the substantial love defined by the ancients.


Look at the eight movements and examine the five sounds.

The ancients have always been outstanding, and both sides in love should be satisfied.

When they reach orgasm, women will have eight kinds of reaction actions and five kinds of moans, which are called lovers observation.


Emphasis on French style, healing and benefiting.

Ancient fufang surgery includes many sexual positions, which are said to treat certain diseases.

But I think it should be regarded as an art.


Weak in and strong out, Qi and brain.

After sex, men should be pulled out while the genitals are still hard (ecological), not all weak (dead).

This is the main content of the ancients pay attention to sexual health.