Warmth Hainan self-driving Raiders


Warmth Hainan self-driving Raiders

In April of the northern part of Haikou, it is the beginning of the flower, the new green just pumping.

In April, Hainan’s April is already full of prosperity.

At this time, I went to Hainan and felt the warmth of the April sunshine. There was a little floral fragrance in the breeze, which made people want to say that they still have a good heart.

Go to Hainan with our editor.

Feel the prosperous Haikou in another early spring 254km east 194km Sanya 86km Wuzhishan 223km Haikou (about 757 kilometers, 2-3 days) Haikou-Chongkou Park 224 National Road Haikou-Oriental Expressway + Baiyou Road East-Sanya West Line ExpresswayHighway Sanya-Wuzhishan first goes to Lingshui on the east line, then walks to Lingbao Road to reach Daben, and goes north to Wuzhishan City and then to Shuizhi Township at the foot of Wuzhishan.


Prepare to leave Wuzhishan-Haikou asphalt road.

銆€銆€Car selection: Household car oil condition: There are gas stations in towns and counties along the county, and 97# gasoline is relatively small.

Tip: Hainan Expressway has set up a toll station, and the road maintenance fee is spread into the gasoline. The price of gasoline is expensive in the mainland.


All the way (1) Crater Park: The ancient Qiongbei volcano erupted, leaving the world’s most intact crater group, like a natural volcanic geological museum – Shishan crater.

Shishan Crater Park is located in the northern part of Hainan Island (Qiong North), in the provincial capital of Haikou, 15 kilometers from the city center.

銆€銆€Tickets: 25 yuan Address: Shishan Town, Xiuying District, Haikou City, Hainan Province[Overview Picture Forum]Road (2) Millennium Ancient Salt Field: Millennium Ancient Salt Field is located in Yantian Village, Yangpu, Hainan, 750 acres of ancient salt fields nestled by the sea, 1000A variety of different types of scorpion stone salt troughs are scattered around the salt fields of a pile of ridges, and a layer of white salt has been exposed in the salt trough.

銆€銆€(3) Hainan Tropical Botanical Garden: The Hainan Tropical Botanical Garden is located in the northwestern part of Hainan Island. It was established under the care of Comrade Zhou Enlai and Comrade Wang Zhen.

Since its creation in 1958, dozens of precious economic plants have been introduced from many countries and regions, plus preserved domestic tropical and subtropical plant species with 1,500 species of plants.

The quiet and pleasant environment, the mysterious environment attracts countless tourists. Since the establishment of the park, it has received the leaders of this country and many international friends and many tourists.

銆€銆€Tickets: 15 yuan (4) Yalong Bay: Yalong Bay has a mild climate and picturesque scenery. There are blue sky, bright and warm sunshine, fresh and humid air, rolling green hills, rocks of various shapes, primitive and quiet mangroves.The calm sea, the clear and transparent water, the white sandy beach and the colorful underwater scenery, and the eight-kilometer-long coastline, the coconut blossoms, the growth of many exotic flowers and primitive tropical infections, each with its own characteristics.The resort is scattered and well-distributed here, and it is just like the jewel of a gemstone, and the style of Yalong Bay is glamorous.

銆€銆€Yalong Bay related data: Bay area: 66 square kilometers Beach length: 8 kilometers Seawater visibility: 10 meters Annual average temperature: 25.

Annual average water temperature of 5 掳C: 25.

1掳C winter minimum water temperature: 22掳C average sunshine time: 300 days or more Health index: 96-100 (5) size Dongtian: Sanya size Dongtian is located 40 kilometers west of Sanya City, about 13 kilometers away from Tianya Haijiao, this scene from Song Dynasty CliffState Zhou Shou Zhou Yi, Mao Kui title was built, has been 809 years.

The Haishan Wonder Scenic Area is known for its beautiful seascape[Review Picture Forum], mountain view and stone view.

銆€銆€Tickets: 58 yuan.

End of the World (6) End of the Earth: At the southernmost tip of Hainan Island, it is a fascinating discovery.

It is bordered by the blue sea in the south, overlooking the vast South China Sea, the waves are undulating, the sea is wide and the sky is flying, and the white gull is a little bit.

On the waterfront, there are dangerous rocks, and the famous “Tianya”, “Cape” and “Nantianyizhu” are carved in the cliffs, which is very spectacular.

銆€銆€Tickets: 65 yuan (7) Luhuitou: Luhuitou is located in the crescent-shaped Sanya Bay, three kilometers away from downtown Sanya. It is a majestic and steep mountain. It is named after a deer looking back at the high point.

銆€銆€Tickets: 58 yuan Luhuitou style park: 50 yuan (8) Dadonghai: 3 years from the Sanya urban area between the rabbit tail and the deer back.

The crescent-shaped bay is about 2 kilometers long. The four seasons are like spring, sunshine, clear water, beach and green trees make up a beautiful tropical scenery.

The winter water temperature is 18’C-22’C, which is an ideal place for winter swimming to avoid the cold and summer vacations, and to be the ideal place for diving, sea bathing and sunny valley. It is rated as one of the top ten tourist destinations in China by the National Tourism Administration.

銆€銆€(9) Wuzhishan: It is the first mountain in Hainan and a symbol of Hainan Island.

It is located in the middle of Hainan Island, and its peaks are undulating and jagged, resembling a human finger, hence its name.

The second finger of the five fingers is the highest peak with an altitude of 1876 meters.

Looking far away from Wuzhishan, I saw five fingers of a mountain like a human being, which was inserted directly into the clouds, and the scenery was very beautiful.

The mountains are layered tropical virgin forests with a variety of animals and birds.

The main rivers in Hainan are originated from Wuzhishan, so there are too many mountain springs and lakes, which add a bit of color to Dashan.

Wuzhishan is a tropical monsoon climate with an annual growth rate of 1300-1800 mm and an average annual temperature of 22.

4 degrees, no cold in winter, no heat in summer, it is a resort to avoid the cold and enjoy sightseeing.

銆€銆€Tickets: 20 yuan (10) Wanquan River: China’s tropical natural ecological preservation is the most perfect river – Wanquan River, known as China’s “Amazon” river, is the mother river of Hainan, “Wanquan River is clear and clear””I love Wuzhishan, I love Wanquanhe” sang red all over China, Wanquan River is famous, it is known as the world.銆€銆€Address: Qionghai City along the river ticket: scenery exploration 360 yuan / person, the canyon exploration 150 yuan, rafting 168 yuan.


Flavored food: Baiqiwenchang chicken, red dragonfly east goat, and music crab, coconut milk chicken, red fish scorpion, Hainan powder, glutinous rice cake, coconut rice, pumpkin cake, freshly squeezed coconut milk, tropical fruit, all kinds of seafood, eachWild vegetables, wild beef, Li bamboo rice, Li nationality, Jiaji duck, hot spring goose, Eucheuma, fruit soup.

銆€銆€Four famous dishes in Hainan: (1) Wenchang Chicken: Wenchang Chicken is a high-quality fattening chicken. It is named after it was produced in Haichang Province.

It is rumored that Wenchang Chicken was originally from Tianci Village, Niu Town, Tanniu Town, the county. The village is rich in eucalyptus, the tree seeds are transformed into nutrients, the chickens are foraging, and the body is excellent.

Wenchang chicken is characterized by a small individual and weighs about 1.

About 5 pounds, the hair color is bright, the wings are short and short, the body is round and flat, the skin is thin and smooth, and the meat is fat.

Hainanese eat Wenchang chicken, the traditional way to eat is white peony (also called “white cut”), which best reflects the fresh and tender original flavor of Wenchang chicken.

At the same time, it is served with chicken rice cooked in chicken oil chicken soup, commonly known as “chicken rice.”

Hainanese people say that “eat chicken rice” contains the inside of white pheasant.

Bai Yu Wen Chang chicken has never been a feast in Hainan, and light meals or family dishes are used.

In Hong Kong, Southeast Asia is highly regarded and well-known.

銆€銆€(2) Adding ducks: Adding ducks, commonly known as “fan ducks”, is a good-breed duck introduced from overseas by Qiongji overseas Chinese. It was originally cultivated and propagated in Jiaji Town, Qionghai City, and it was also a town in Jiaxiang Street.Muscovy ducks raised by residents of Ding are most famous.

The method of raising ducks is particularly stressful: first, feeding the ducklings with freshwater fish, shrimps or crickets, simmering, about two months later, when the ducklings are feathered, they are kept in small circles, narrowing their range of activities, and using rice and rice.The oak leaves are pinched into small pieces to feed, and after 20 days they grow into meat ducks.

Its characteristics are that the duck meat is thick, the skin is white and crisp, and a thin layer of sputum is sandwiched between the flesh and the skin, which is particularly sweet.

Addition ducks have a variety of cooking methods, but they are best known for their “white peony” (also known as “white cut”) which best reflects the original flavor.

銆€銆€(3) Hele Crab: 鈥淗ele Crab鈥?is produced in Hele Town, Wanning County, Hainan Province. It is hard to be shelled and full of meat and fat. It is also listed as the four famous products of Hainan with Wenchang Chicken, Duck Duck and East Goat.

“Hey Crab” has a variety of cooking methods, such as steaming, boiling, frying, and roasting. It is especially good for “steaming”, which not only maintains the original taste, but also the beauty of the original color.

銆€銆€(4) East Goat: Hainan local flavor Lai.

It is made from special stone goat meat, with various spices and flavors, and is made by various cooking methods such as rolling, frying, graining, steaming and buckle.

This dish is famous for its production in the Liwan Wine Country, which is located in the crater of the 鈥渟tone goat鈥?

銆€銆€Abalone is one of the “three musts” in Sanya.

Abalone is not a fish, but belongs to shellfish and is a marine mollusc.

The main types are variegated Bob, half-grain abalone, sheep abalone, auricular abalone and wrinkled abalone.

Abalone has a habit of nocturnal nights.

During the day, it clings to the stone and stone walls of several meters of water.

The picker took a small iron hook and sneaked down to the bottom of the sea. He glimpsed the abalone and quickly hooked it off. The abalone was taken off the rock wall and immediately put it into the net bag.

The first hook of the hooked abalone will succeed. Otherwise, it will be hooked and split, and it will not leave the rock wall every year from March to September.

July to August is the breeding season of abalone, when the abalone is developed with gonads and the meat is thick and fat.

銆€銆€(5) The big dog meat is the same as the four famous dishes in Hainan. Because the tradition says that 鈥渄og meat is not on the table鈥? 鈥渢he big dog meat鈥?has not been squeezed into the 鈥渇amous dish鈥?

The big dog meat is produced in the big town of Zhangzhou City. Here, the dog meat processing method and the seasoning are different. The dog is cooked and the meat is beautiful.

Dog meat is generally eaten in a hot pot.

The soup has red dates, codonopsis, medlar, pepper, cooked sesame and other tonics and 10 kinds of unique spices in the South. The cooked dog meat is cut into the soup and it is hot and can be eaten. The flavor is strong and the flavor comes out.

If you are not a tourist in Zhangzhou, you can find a dog meat shop in the coastal road of Sanya, following the dog meat, and eat a dog meat.

銆€銆€(6) Red snapper, also known as red fish, is an enzyme-flavored fish. It is a famous flavored pickled product in Zhangzhou. It is a favorite food for Southeast Asian consumers and tourists.

The red snapper is made with exquisite craftsmanship. Generally, each fresh red fish within 4 kilograms is washed with sea water, and then the small wooden stick is used to insert the fish from the fish mouth to the internal organs and add salt, until the fish belly is full.

The red fish is then discharged in a fish pond or a fish tank, with layers of salt, and the uppermost layer is piled with large stones.

Marinate for 5-7 days, pick salt after 9-10 days of salty red fish gizzard, take out the fish gizzard and internal organs, and remove the fish scales, wash it three times with water, and stuff the grass paper into the fish mouth.White paper slices are loaded, a small amount of pork is added, and ginger is steamed. (7) Li nationality bamboo rice rice is usually made by the Li family when they go to the mountains to hunt or entertain guests.

Use the “fragrant rice” in the mountain blue rice (a kind of upland rice) and use the meat as raw material, put it into the bamboo tube of fresh bamboo or mangosteen saw, add appropriate amount of water, and then block the bamboo tube with banana leaves.In the charcoal fire, the green bamboo can be roasted.

銆€銆€Bamboo tube rice has salty balsamic rice, black bean fragrant rice, etc. The best thing to eat is wild rice.The game that is suitable for fragrant rice is hawthorn meat, venison, pheasant meat, python meat, mountain pork, sassafras meat, etc., of which the scallions are the sweetest.

At present, the Tianlu style village in Sanya can taste the Li bamboo bamboo rice.

銆€銆€Featured shopping: coconut, jackfruit, coffee, mango, coconut carving, shell carving, coral bonsai, rattan Yangpu salt, water full of tea, Li Jin, Ganoderma lucidum, root carving, butterfly specimen, tropical orchid, coral bonsai and so on.

Coral Bonsai (1) Coral Bonsai: The sea is a wonderful flower produced in the tropical sea. It is called “Sea Stone Flower”.

It grows naturally in the sea, and it is strange and strange.

White is better than snow, red is like blood, green is like jade, yellow is gold.

These “sea bottom flowers” are processed by artisans, coupled with shells and willows and exquisite chassis, which will become a variety of coral bonsai.

銆€銆€Butterfly specimen: Using butterfly wings as the main material, using its unique pattern, it is made of oil painting, Chinese painting and gouache effect.

The painting is handmade and precious. It is a high-end art, with higher ornamental value and collection value. It was once stored in the Museum of the Forbidden City.

At present, the butterfly paintings produced in Hainan have 200 different specifications and varieties.

銆€銆€(2) Shell carving: Hainan shell carving craft has a high level in the Ming Dynasty, and gradually combines with the ancient coconut carving crafts to form a unique artistic style.

The highly refined Hainan shell carvings are combined with coconut carvings, inlaid, or made of coconut carvings.

Mingli’s shell carvings contrast with the quaint coconut carvings and are eye-catching.

In recent years, various small shell carvings made of Hailin scenic spots and historical sites such as Coconut Forest Scenery, Tianya Haijiao, Wugong Temple and Maanling Crater are very popular among tourists.