[Is there any harm in not ejaculating]_ not ejaculate _ disadvantages _ harm _ adverse effects

[Is there any harm in not ejaculating]_ not ejaculate _ disadvantages _ harm _ adverse effects



The current lifestyle has made great progress, and people are more personal and humane. As a normal physiological requirement, in order to avoid pregnancy, many men will have a situation of ejaculation and control during sexual life.Ejaculation can effectively avoid pregnancy, but it can also cause great harm to your body. Let’s take a look at it together. Is it good to not ejaculate?


Prostatitis can induce aseptic prostatitis. After normal sexual intercourse with ejaculation, the penile erection subsides quickly, and the blood in the penis is reduced by 50% within a few minutes?

60%, every 10 to 20 minutes, the blood flow of the sexual organs will return to normal.

If the sexual intercourse is interrupted, the speed of blood recovery of the sex organs is greatly reduced, and the slow organs will be in a long-term congestion state.


Repeated residual sperm can induce repeated residual sperm.

During sexual intercourse, sexual impulses occur, the secretion of each adenosine increases, and the amount of semen increases sharply.

If the intercourse is interrupted, these semen have no place to go, and they will inevitably be re-excited through the omission method. It is easy to produce semen and cause repeated semen, which is not good for health.


Blood sperm can stimulate blood sperm as the above-mentioned sexual organ congestion subsides more slowly. The seminal vesicles are widely and persistently congested, and the capillaries on the wall of the seminal vesicles will rupture, leading to blood sperm.


Impotence can induce impotence.

Intercourse is interrupted halfway. Regardless of the sexual center of the cerebral cortex, all sexual activity control nerves and various sexual organs are still in an excited state. They cannot be interrupted quickly, which indirectly increases the burden on the nervous system and sexual organs, causing an “excessive fatigue”.phenomenon.


Abnormal ejaculation can induce abnormal ejaculation.

Absence of ejaculation is strongly suppressed by interruption of sexual intercourse, and if this is often the case, ejaculation disorders will result.

The lighter ones have a delayed ejaculation time, the ejaculation is unpleasant, and the heavy ones no longer ejaculate at all.


?The above are the disadvantages of ejaculation, so many male friends must be aware of it, especially young men, ejaculation can cause prostatitis, impotence and other male diseases.

Long-term stubbornness not to ejaculate will even affect future pregnancy and affect their future marriage and life.