Chinese medicine toxic 21 prescription, easy to maintain hair

Chinese medicine toxic 21 prescription, easy to maintain hair

Wusu mole formula refers to a type of formula that has the effect of turning yellow and white beard hair into black and black. It is mainly used for those who have early white hair or yellowish skin. Its mechanism of action is nourishing kidney essence, aerated blood, and hair care.Hair, hair coloring, etc., many external effects of burly hair directly coloring.

  主要用于须发早白或黄枯不泽者  [方一]  白檀香末、香白芷、白及各30克,山萘子90克,滑石、零陵香各印克,青黛、甘松香各90G.

The medicine is ground together, and the hair is washed with rice water (better after fermentation), and 30 grams of powdered medicine is evenly sprinkled on the hair, and combed repeatedly with a comb.

  This party may return to black if feasible.

  [方二]  生胡桃皮、生石榴皮、生柿于皮各等分。First remove the raw sour pomegranate, pick the cloves and fill them, and then air the walnut peel, persimmon peel and the pomegranate and cloves in the same place. Finely grind them with raw milk and place them in a porcelain bottle.Buried in horse feces and removed after 10 days.

Tighten a white thread and mix it with the cream. If both ends of the thread are black, the medicine is ready.

If it is not black, bury it in horse dung for black.

Take this medicine and apply it to the hair as evenly as possible before use, and wash it off the next morning.

  This side can make hair black.

  [方三]  黑豆30克,雪梨1-2个。Slice the pears, add an appropriate amount of water and the black beans to a boil in the pot, and simmer to a low heat.

Eat pears and soup 2 times a day for 15-30 days.

  This formula nourishes lungs and kidneys, and is a good product for Wufa.

  [方四]  菟丝子、茯苓各15克,白莲肉10克,黑芝麻15克,紫珠米100克,食盐适量。Wash the above medicines, add proper amount of water with purple pearl rice, boil on high heat, then move to low heat to cook porridge, add any salt to eat.

  This formula nourishes yin and kidneys and has a hair salon.

  [方五]  猪肾1对,杜仲30克,沙苑蒺藜15克,核桃肉30克。Add the appropriate amount of water to the medicine and pig kidney, and cook for 30 minutes on a hot fire, and then simmer until the pig kidney is cooked.

  Eat pig kidney and walnut meat, drink soup, 1 dose per day, and even take 7-10 days, can be Ufa hairdressing.

  [方六]  桑椹(或桑叶)、黑芝麻若干。Wash an appropriate amount of mulberry plant or mulberry leaf, dry it, mix thoroughly with 4 times black sesame powder, and store in a bottle. When using, take an appropriate amount of mulberry powder, add honey, knead the dough, and put about 10 gramsHeavy pellets.

Take 1 pill each morning and evening.

  This party has the effect of nourishing hair.

  [方七]  何首乌20克,枸杞子15克,大枣6枚,鸡蛋2枚。Boil the drug with the eggs until cooked, and then eat the egg soup after removing the drug residue.

Take 1 dose daily for 10-15 days.

  This side nourishes yin and kidneys, and has the effect of whistle hair.

  [方八]  牛骨或猪骨。Smash the bones, add 1 part of bones and 5 parts of water, and cook for 1-2 hours with gentle heat. After the bone soup is cooled, a layer of sticky substance is deposited on the bottom of the container.

Shake the bone soup when eating, use this soup to stew or similar.

  The medicated diet is not only gourmet, but also UFA hairdressing.

  [方九]  芝麻、白糖适量。Wash and dry black sesame seeds, stir-fry with gentle heat, grind the ingredients, mix with equal amount of sugar, put into a bottle, and eat at any time.

Serve 2 tablespoons morning and evening with warm water.

It can also be brewed into milk, soy milk or porridge, eat it early, or make steamed sugar buns, or use as a sesame salt flask.

  This side nourishes, moistens dryness, nourishes liver and kidneys, and black hair.

  [方十]  桂圆肉10克,莲子15克,大枣10克,粳米50克。Boil porridge with four things, twice daily for 15-30 days.

  This side is full of qi and blood, Wu Farongyan.

  [方十一]  何首乌30-60克,红枣3-5枚,粽米100克,红糖或冰糖适量。First fry the Polygonum multiflorum in a casserole until the thick juice is removed. Then remove the medicine residue, then add indica rice and red dates. When the porridge is about to be cooked, add an appropriate amount of brown sugar or rock sugar, then cook.

Take 1-2 times a day, 7-10 days as a course of treatment, and then take the next course every 5 days. It should be taken for a long time before it works.

  This side nourishes blood and nourishes, nourishes, and nourishes.

  [方十二]  猪蹄1000克,花生米(带红衣)40克,大枣40枚,料酒、酱油、白糖、葱段、姜、味精、花椒、八角、茴香、盐各适量。Peel the trotters first, wash them, boil them with water until they reach four maturity, and remove them. Spread them evenly with soy sauce, fry them in vegetable oil to golden brown, put them in a casserole, pour water, add other raw materials and seasonings.After boiling, simmer over low heat until cooked.

Serve 4 meals and serve 10-15 days.

  This side replenishes qi, nourishes blood, nourishes hair.

  [方十三]  母鸡1只(约1000克),黄芪30克,白果6克,精盐、葱段、姜片、料酒、味精、胡椒粉、清汤各适量。After the chicken is slaughtered, the skin and internal organs are peeled, and the ancestors boiled in water for a while and then removed. Separate the astragalus and ginkgo inside the chicken belly.), After leaving the cage, pick out astragalus and seasoning residue and sprinkle with pepper.

Serve 5-6 meals with a meal, 10-15 days.

  This formula nourishes Qi and nourishes blood, and has a hair-dressing effect.

  [方十四]  桑椹、蜂蜜。Squeeze a few freshly cooked mulberries, smash them with gauze, filter the juice, and cook in a crock pot. When it is slightly thicker, add an appropriate amount of honey until it is cooked into a paste.

Take 1-2 tablespoons daily in the morning and evening.

  This party has UFA hair.

  [方十五]  白茯苓、辽参、细辛(去叶)、香附子(炒去毛)、白蒺藜(炒、去角)、川芎、缩砂仁各15克,龙骨(研)、石膏(Calcined), Bai Bu, 21 grams of white peony, musk.

The medicine is ground together, and then musk, and then researched evenly.

Before going to bed every night, brush with warm water in the morning.

  This side can be crystallized.

  [方十六]  鲫鱼胆50枚,铁锉1片(15克),诃子5枚(煨、去核),郁金2枚,黄岑(切细)、黑豆、紫草、零陵香15 grams each, 50 ml ginger juice.

Medicine and uniform, in a silk bag, take 120 grams of bamboo drain oil, 350 grams of sesame oil, into the medicine bag, soak in the oil knee box, seal the cool place, take out half a day, wipe your head day by day.

  This party is Ufa, which can cure yellow and thin people, such as paint within 100 days, never fall.

  [方十七]  母丁香3克,没食子2个,川百药煎4.5 grams, 30 grams of Gansong, 4 needles.

5 grams, white and 7.

5 grams, one new nail, 6 grams of gardenia peel, and 3 grams of naphthalene.

Stir-fry with acupuncture vinegar, grind the medicine into fine powder except iron nails, add 1 large bowl of water, fry until 7 minutes cooked, filter to remove residue, fill in glass or porcelain bottles, put in iron nails, and seal the mouth of the bottleCan be applied in the future, available in the winter after 5 days.

When using, wash your hair first in the afternoon, apply a soft brush to your hair before going to bed, and wash it off with warm water in the morning.

  The tortoise made hair, swept its head, and made the light black.

  [方十八]  新鲜小胡桃3个。Grind the skin of the drug into fine powder, add 2 cups of human milk, and use the martial arts torment in the silver and silverware, and continuously stir with bamboo castor to make it slowly into a paste.

Wash the hair before each use, dipped a small amount of ointment with a writing brush, apply it evenly on the hair, and wash it off with warm water the next morning.

  This side can make hair black and shiny.

  [方十九]  腊月猪膏、羊矢灰、香蒲草灰等分,3味和匀,外用涂头,每3日1次。  This side nourishes and nourishes hair, making it easy to become black, and treats black hair.

  [方二十]  酸石榴、五倍子、芝麻叶。  Smash it, hold it in a silk bag, soak it in iron, and wash your hair from black.  [方二十一]  经霜桐叶及桐子。Take more medicine, mash it, steam it with ravioli, wrap it in a cloth while hot and squeeze out its juice.

Take some tungs and wash your hair in warm water.

  Use this side, it will be black and bright.