Drinking alcohol does not delay the drinking of both


Drinking alcohol does not delay the drinking of both

Is it good to drink alcohol or coffee?

Many people may think that it is good for the body to drink the right amount of coffee, both in sentiment and in the turbine.

Recently, according to foreign “Daily Mail” reports, people who drink coffee often are short-lived, and people who drink regularly can live longer.

is this real?

Hospital nutritionist Xia Pengbin said that there is no confirmed experimental confirmation, but no matter what you drink, you should have the right amount.

Whether it is drinking or not, British researchers have found that people who drink coffee can live longer, but those who drink coffee are prone to short-lived, mainly because caffeine in coffee reduces telomeres in the chromosomes, while alcoholThen you can make it longer.

Scientists have pointed out that the DNA repeats at the end of human chromosomes are called telomeres. When cells divide, they use to maintain chromosome stability and prevent metamorphism, while telomeres and cell aging have obvious correlations.

Dietitian Xia explained that drinking can live longevity, and drinking coffee is short-lived. This is a “pseudo-proposition” in itself.

No matter what you drink, the right amount is the most important.

Moreover, the wines mentioned by foreign media are likely to be wines.

Drinking the right amount of wine every day is good for your cardiovascular.

Because grapes are a large class of antioxidant foods containing flavonoids, long-term drinking of wine can soften blood vessels.

Drinking white wine or beer, etc., only has the effect of activating blood and expanding blood vessels.

There is still a certain initial stage for whether coffee is beneficial to cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

Some people think that drinking coffee may cause premature beats and is bad for the heart.

But some people think that the alkaloids in coffee have a protective effect on the heart.

So whether it is wine or coffee, the right amount is better.

No more than 2 cups of coffee a day, no more than 2 bottles of white wine or coffee. What is the amount?

The nutritionist pointed out that the China Nutrition Association had this standard, and the liquor did not exceed two or two.

It is recommended that no more than 2 cups of coffee per day and no more than half a catty of red wine.

Beer varies from person to person, but you have to weigh your own “quantity.”

Moderate drinking is good for your health, but it is not directly related to the length of life.

Because the length of life of a person is determined by many aspects such as living habits and living environment.

Moderate drinking can improve the quality of life and is good for cardiovascular.

However, to moderate the amount, pay attention to the choice of varieties, you can choose some better quality red wine.

However, some patients with long-term medication for chronic diseases drink alcohol carefully, and gout patients cannot take beer.

If you drink too much, you will first hurt the liver. Many alcoholic liver, obese liver, and cirrhosis patients are caused by long-term excessive drinking.