Looking for authentic futures men

Looking for authentic “futures” men

Gone are the days of looking for a man who is honest, cold, and painful.
Girls in the E era like to trade “spot and futures” in the marriage market.
The “spot” man went out and took a “big run” to enter the luxury house. Although there is nothing to worry about, he has a cup of XO. Although most of them are almost unconfused, but because they can enjoy it, they have always been in the market.
But there are too few “spots”. What can they do besides lamenting that they don’t have that kind of life?
In fact, it is better to choose “futures”. My point is that futures have expectations, and expectations are always better than disappointment.
  Facts have proved that many “spot” men are appreciated by “futures” men. This is a process of transformation, and this process requires women to have the sight of discovery.
For example, Xiao Hua determined that Zhang Yimou, who had a dim future, was a “futures”. Zhang Yimou later became the “spot” that female celebrities competed for.
For another example, Mr. Lu Xun and Ms. Zhu An, Hillary and Clinton . only women’s eyes can identify the nature of men’s “futures.”
In addition, most of the “futures” men have distinctive personality characteristics, and you need to observe with your heart: First of all, the key to selection is that you must be honest and kind in nature.
This condition sounds a bit old-fashioned, I’m really afraid of being laughed at.
But its fatal point is that if you don’t find its inferiority early, the younger sister plays the piano, and the wolf (lang) won’t be with you, who can you cry with?
This isn’t something out of nothing. Many women in newspapers and magazines are not watching and playing with emotions. All of them deserve our attention and deserve our attention.
It is usually found early, and the hidden dangers can be relieved as early as possible.
  At the same time, “future men” must have real potential.
What is a potential value?
Three words-aggressive.
The aggressiveness of men determines the success of men.
Although aggressiveness is often not known at a glance, you can first look at his auxiliary conditions-smart mind, optimistic spirit, friendly way of dealing with others, and certain cultural accomplishments.
Because one of these conditions is often its “potential value”, a woman I interviewed was beautiful, smart, and had a good career, so she firmly believed that a man who mixed in a bar was her “”Futures.” As a result, the man started out as a bartender, opened his own bar, and the business was booming.
Of course, if your “futures” have the same mind and courage as Zhang Chaoyang, isn’t it more likely to succeed?
  In addition, the “futures” man likes to pay attention and appreciation, which is the driving force for his progress. He likes to show himself like a peacock opening the screen to gain the favor and care of women.
A woman like a good school knows this well, so they can easily cultivate an excellent “spot” man. They are wise, because once this man appreciates, the happiness of women will come by no means.
It just seems that the wait is always too long.
If our patience is not enough, if we accidentally clear the “futures” with potential value, then we will have to wait to reap regrets.
  But I believe that happiness can be created, as long as you choose an authentic “futures” man.